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To my friends:

For the past year, since awakening to the threat in our midst, I have made a strenuous effort to educate myself and others about global jihad. By February, 2011, this blog had grown to an in-depth treatise of nearly fifty articles about international jihad, which intends to subjugate Christian civilization to the whip hand of Islamic authoritarianism. There is no doubt about it.
It is now time to move this blog to a secure server, password protected, accessed by invitation. My very best wishes to the thousands of visitors who took advantage of the opportunity to learn from the information I was able to compile for the blog. I did nothing original, with the exception of ignoring the boundaries of political correctness in my comments. The boundaries of political correctness are tumbling, in spite of the best efforts of appeasers, social liberals, and other cowards to whom the objective reality is horrifying beyond their capacity to perceive. It is then to scholars, observers, and honest journalists around the world that the thanks is due.

The Four Stages of Jihad
Jihad Watch: The Four Stages

“In Iran, when they started building the Mosques, we looked the other way.”

Quote from an anonymous online thread contributor, now living in exile from Iran, referring to the growth of Islam in Iran in the 1950’s and 1960’s, which resulted ultimately in a violent takeover by fundamental Islamic clerics, and the Iranian government we see now, in 2010.
Iran Contra: Sanitized Version
Iran Contra: Unpublicized Version